Every child has potential.

Next Gear Coaching + Tutoring wants to help discover it.

Next Gear was founded by Stacy Keyerleber, a thirteen-year veteran of the test prep industry. Somewhere along her career path in analysis, reporting, marketing and communications, she realized that her side work coaching students was where she found the greatest joy, so she shifted gears and made it her primary focus. Her standardized test knowledge and approaches are proven, as she herself has achieved 99th percentile scores on actual ACT, SAT, LSAT and GMAT administrations. And her wealth of teaching experience has honed her ability to tailor her style to meet the individual needs of each student.

With diverse work experience across a variety of industries, Stacy is also a valuable resource for career exploration and advice. And she can provide coaching to help you navigate the web of college admissions requirements, so you can put your best foot forward with an application that truly reflects your unique skills, talents and personality.

Stacy's personal story...

"The expression 'work-life balance' makes no sense - you don't try to balance your life with your work. Your work is a subcategory of your life and should serve the values and ideals of your life." - Bert Jacobs, Co-founder, Life is Good

I believe that our work should ideally be an extension of ourselves - not something we do while we're waiting for our lives to happen. I am grateful I get to do work I love and that it has opened up the freedom and flexibility to get more deeply involved in the causes that matter most to me.

For me, that means taking my passion for helping others reach their potential and shifting the focus to less fortunate children, both in my local community and around the world. I am heavily involved with Asia's Hope, an organization that runs family-style orphan homes in Cambodia, Thailand and India, and with EduGo, a volunteer initiative that supports Asia's Hope by contributing to their scholarship fund and providing bicycles and motor scooters so their children have safe, reliable transportation to school. If you would like to learn more about these causes and my recent trip to Cambodia, please check out my blog, SHIFT.

At the local level, I am involved in various community and in-school tutoring and mentoring programs, including the Vineyard Community Center LAUNCH Program and the Columbus Tutoring Initiative. When I'm not working with kids, you can probably find me on my bicycle, riding for exercise, adventure and to support charity events for other great causes like the American Cancer Society Pan Ohio Hope Ride, the Tour de H2O and, of course, the EduGo Road to Success Ride.